190 EUR
What is that?
Symmetrical double-drop deck featuring complex camber/concave profile. Bombproof sandwich construction is composed of six-ply birch woodcore and laminated with quadraxial fiberglass and protective bottom-side coextruded polyamide plastic layer. Butt-end protective UHMW-plastic inserts and carbon-fiber stiffening reinforcements are optional.

What for?
All-around choice for speed junkies. Freeride, carving and hill-bombing machine. Shines when pulling tech slides. Big wheels ready. Tough enough for steep hills while quite compact and friendly for everyday commute. Suited for experienced riders and rookies alike.

Length 98cm (38.5")
Width 26cm (10.25")
Wheelbase 75cm (29.5")
Flex 5,6

Ride profile

Color option